About Principia
"Principia" is Latin for "Principles,” which means two things. First, "Principles" stands for fundamentals, elements, or basics. On the teaching side of our organization, these are the basics that someone must master not only to improve his or her score on the SAT or ACT, but also to succeed in college and beyond. On the advising side, "Principia" refers to the essentials of the college admissions and financial process. Without "Principia," students are inadequately prepared to apply to college and succeed there. With “Principia,” they are prepared to achieve excellence.

We at Principia believe in preparedness, mastery of fundamentals, and placing students in the best position for college. We believe in arriving early and leaving late. We meet deadlines, attend to details, and keep our commitments. We believe that luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and that success is fulfillment of endeavor.

There is an additional reason for naming our company "Principia”: this name is in fact a tribute to a great thinker and his greatest work. Principia Prep is named in honor of Newton's Principia Mathematica, possibly the greatest mathematical work of all time, a book one of our founders once took almost a year to read and study, and which led him to appreciate the truth of the quotation above. Difficult things are, in fact, difficult, but when we accept how difficult they are, they become a little less so.