Admissions Counseling
Principia Prepatory was founded in 2006 as a full service college admissions and financial aid resource for families around the world. Principia Prep. has provided hundreds of students with invaluable resources that have allowed them to reach academic success on all levels. Our Principia Prep advisors have nurtured students to and brought out the best within each one. Through our time tested proven strategies students have achieved academic goals and have built foundations to achieve success in college and beyond.
What sets us apart from the rest? Our SAT and ACT prep counselors come directly to you with years of experience. Principia Prep does not train counselors to read off a script or use a generic education manual to help students achieve college test excellence. The techniques and skill building has been meticulously honed by SAT and ACT experts to provide students the individual help they need to succeed.
The world of college admissions has seemly gotten more competitive every year. Many top tier colleges and universities are accepting less than 10 percent of applicants. So with a market so competitive and demanding; stellar grades and superior college entrance exam scores are no longer enough. Our college advisers have years of experience dealing with all levels of students and colleges. Our guidance and hands-on approach allows families to rest at ease knowing that all aspects of the college admission process will be taking care of. From college selection to essay critiquing and editing all the way down to resume building and proper interview etiquette are assisted by our college advising staff.