Financial Aid
As anyone can see, the cost of attending college has increased across the board from community colleges to selective private universities. Costs have now reached levels that are beginning to scare both students and parents into considering whether a college education is something they can even afford. In fact, with the cost of many colleges now exceed $60,000 a year, it is no wonder families have begun thinking this way. Thankfully, there is help out there to ease the expense of college.

Prinicipia Prep. has been assisting families with individual financial aid guidance for more than 15 years. Principia Prep. Financial Aid Counselors have years of actual college financial aid experience and know the best approaches to help maximizes college offers. Our time tested proven techniques have helped families of all income levels.

Whether your student is looking to attend a public college or elite private university the best game plan you can have is to be educated in the aid available. There are two basic financial aid forms in the world of financial aid, the FAFSA form and the CSS Profile. Principia Prep. has helped thousands of families complete the two forms as well as all additional institutional forms.